Monday, June 15, 2015

The White Witch

Hey guise.

How's it going? Am really excited to blog about this awesome dress I got from Dresslink Can you tell how gorgeous it looks? It looks kinda long for me but it fits just right over my shoulders. Dresslink has a lot of beautiful and affordable stuff, you name it: dresses, shoes, trousers, accessories and a whole lot more!

This dress is really comfortable to wear, not to mention the fabric is not too thin and not too thick. I like it's flowing style. I wore it with something edgy today. I think I can wear whatever I like with this dress. I paired it with black boots and some black accessories. I also paired it with pink mandals last time and curled my hair which gave a girly touch.

I would definitely wear this again, maybe at the beach or something like a cocktail party with high heels and straight hair. What do you think? Head on to Dresslink and find more affordable dresses.

So without further adieu...

Sunnies - Jean Paul Gaultier
Dress - Off Shoulder Dress from Dresslink
Shoes - Thrift shop
Bag - Thrift shop

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