Friday, January 22, 2016


Good god! It's been 4 months since my last blog post, I am sorry internet, you lost this time, real life took me over. 2015 was one hectic ride, months have passed and here I am posting this shit on 2016. Really busy with work, I mean I couldn't even do what I usually do back in the days where I didn't care about work at all. I am stuck on an online home-based job and currently enjoying it.

Some of you might think that it's a home-based job, why can't you do this or that. You wouldn't be surprised if I told you the job is similar to customer support although in a much comfy environment like my room. I'm still getting used to this kind of vibe, talking to a lot of people with unique personalities. I remember my confidence went low and speaking to strangers was never a go for me. I mean gradually I became an introvert and job interviews sound dreadful.

Now, because of my current state, I have become too talkative and apparently I couldn't stop smiling to strangers on the internet (OMG!), however part of me is still the shy and chill type, just wanna stay in my room, watch anime or movies, not doing any exercises, sleep all day, that's the me now. Okay nuff of that. For this look, it's a winter version in the Philippines lol. I wanted to incorporate something like a winter-ish ensemble but you know I can't, it's absolutely hot here! So I just went for a 90's look, like grunge Daria or Jane Lane, or f.r.i.e.n.d.s. lol

Without further adieu...

Dress - Thrift Store
Bag - Marc Jacobs
Boots - Thrift Store

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Bondage Brazen


Hey guise, last night I watched the movie "unfriended", it was thrilling and relatable, especially about lying and cyber bullying. I was actually prepared for something like jumpscares but surprisingly it wasn't that scary. It got me really excited! Y'know what's gonna happen to these lying fucktards. I was into that kind of situation where you just wanna kill them in your head and precious past memories don't matter anymore because they are just a bunch of fucking liars *insert y u always lying song* lol.

No matter how messed up Laura Barns' life was, or how bitchy her attitude. You shouldn't be bullying that person, what's more you don't know her past or what she has gone through. People nowadays are so convenient to lie on social media, with other people, to strangers, actually everyone in the circle because you don't see that lying person anymore; I think it's their stress reliever so that they can deal life more easily. It's an opinion-based world but much more worse because that opinion is not real, more than that, it is fabricated!

I guess we all have different personas but some people are so predictable and I'm just going to laugh at their pitiful lives.

Okay, enough of the blabbing (yeah, that's my job as a blogger lol). I had an awesome shoot with crow ph - they've got sexy and some sophisticated but dark and cute swimwear, they also have beautiful top must-haves! Check em out guise!

Furthermore, I loooooove this set! It was totally fun working with the photographer and stylist/owner of crowph. By the way, my tattoo (dragon) artist is Mike Ferraro of Sentinel Inks. You should check him out as well!

Without further adieu...

Stylist/Owner - Cara De Jesus

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A little Harajuku inspiration

Hey sup!


Lately been busy again, working; tattoo artist finishing his work on me hence getting tattooed; preparing some things since I've already bought a ticket to get back home to my wonderful city.

This was a time I went back to Baguio City, just to take a little RnR before returning to the usual work. I had a pretty good time actually, the weather was really good, not so cold neither warm, it was definitely a great weather despite the humidity. We had met our friends Shelley and her boyfriend and we ate vegan food, aaah... that was the last time I had a clean meal so we actually had a good time chatting, discussing about the things we missed in Davao.

Davao is really the place for me. Later did I realize that Davao has given me a lot of hope, comfort and love from friends and family. I just want to come back to that life again, where it's easier to save money (which is fortunately true!) and I can also easily have food without stressing so much about it.

Okay, back to this look. It was a chilly afternoon in Baguio but the temperature is manageable, I mean you can see I wore a crop top and mini skirt. I wanted to mix & match again, inspired by Harajuku street fashion. Oh and I bought these converse kicks at the thrift store! I had barely given up on them as the seller was really grumpy bargaining lol although he gave up first and I bought them with a small discount. I think I am tan as usual too, my skin has always looked a bit lighter on photos but these pictures just screams the truth lol.

Without further adieu...

Top - Forever 21
Skirt - Thrift store
Bag - Thrift store
Shoes - Thrift store

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Regret nothing

Sup guise!

I am so happy I found time to blog again, I miss talking to this wonder box, especially hearing my readers that they also want to see some update with my blog.

As usual, it has been one hectic and tight schedule with work, not to mention I had a 5-day one on one lesson at my boss's house. I had no time for making up with myself or whatsoever, it was pure work with little rest however it was fun and a new experience for me. 

Lately, I have been in a tough relationship. A lot of people have been asking what and why's but I'm trying to avoid public questions or the virtual world, trying... but here I am, contemplating about it on the www. I guess it's okay for me to share my sorrows in this blog, after all it's personal so let me tell you the story, what happened and what's going on...

Recently, I installed an app called ---- It features sharing of languages from other nationalities and I met so many people; it's like tinder but in a much friendlier and clean environment. I had the app for additional students in my work so I usually market my English communication skills and most of them were Japanese. And then I met this guy, a surfer slash dance instructor who was on a business trip in the Philippines. At first, I didn't like him because he was demanding, he wanted to see me so badly and I had second thoughts because I was still dating my 6-year boyfriend. Shit gone crazy when suddenly I decided to go meet him on a cloudy Saturday afternoon, I traveled 6 hours to get to Baguio City and went there with only 200 php left in my pocket. It was a relief, I also dreadfully needed time to relax and get out of the chaotic life that time.

We ate out, talked and I was really surprised at how abruptly open and liberated he was in our first meeting. He grabbed my hand, hugged me continuously, kept holding my hand and even hugged me from my back which is my weak point (ladies, it's our weakpoint right?! haha). I remember songs were playing in the dim lit park; cool breeze and butterflies in my stomach; my hands were ice cold and I felt free rather than guilty. It was fantasy became reality. I felt a rush; like love, like chills in my spine but in a good way. It was a pleasurable moment for me... but, for him, it was nothing.

All these effort I did, I ruined my heart, my love with Sheff, my trust, my loyalty, my ego; all for nothing! Working for 8 and more hours plus the only chance I could skype with him, I did all that for love because I was falling... but later did I know, I fell and shattered into pieces. It was mere fantasy, just an illusion so I could feel pain again, so I could fall and rise back up somehow it made me think of how stupid I was and I can laugh it off. 

I remember I love you's, I remember promises, I remember he said to protect me and would never leave me even when time comes he will know who I truly am... Instead, he abandoned my heart, my doubts were unanswered and left me with only a goodbye and thank you.

Love can sometimes become disgusting but I regret nothing, I learned that no matter how depressing my life was, attaching a stranger won't fix depression instead experience and the people around me who stuck and gave me hope are the ones who can help. Depression may just be a word or fascination or mystery but I stood strong and I am still fighting it. I can cry it out loud and it will haunt me from time to time.

That guy was only an entity who made me realize that I can kill depression by laughing at his stupid ass. I regret nothing. I have been broken many times but I can continue to be hopeful and content. Anata no aho, I hope you'll overcome all the challenges in life because women are not fans, they are not for work, we are the ones who gave birth to you so respect each and every one of us, especially you don't know the battles we've been through.


Experience is the best teacher.

Spectacles - Made in Korea, bought it because I broke my Emoda glasses T__T;
Tshirt - Santa Cruz. Thrift shop
Leather belt - Thrift shop
Pants - Forever 21
Boots - Dr. Martens

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Wear heels, lose stress

Hey guise!

Sup guise!

Ahh... I so miss blogging like the ole' days where I just have too much free time, especially travel writing. I haven't been traveling much and if I did it's because I have appointments and not a tiny bit interest to write about it.

I have just been working my ass off, searching for part-time jobs, making the most out of my time. I have dealt a lot of stress lately, it's been making my week so hellish but I stay positive all the time and I just had to say "FUCK THIS CITY, I'M GOING TO WEAR WHAT I WANT!" so I wore heels and this super cute dress I got at Forever21; by the way, the dress has been with me for a year now and it was a good time to share it to my readers hence the photographs went nice and the weather was cooperating well.

First of, I got these heels at a second hand shop or in tagalog terms ukay-ukay.  They look almost brand new and I love how comfortable they are, although not in hours and hours of standing or a T-rex chasing me, just NO. They also fit well in my feet and I have ootd plans in mind for these lovelies so watch out!

Without further adieu...

Dress - Forever 21
Heels - Thift shop