Friday, September 12, 2014

Sucker Punch School

hey guise.
I suddenly became a highschool girl and it was raining.

Umbrella - Daiso. Abreeza Mall
Polo - Thrift Shop
Skirt - Thrift Shop
Shoes - Thrift Shop

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Soul to Squeeze

Hey guise! wow! I actually found time tonight for my blog update. Recently been busy visiting my doctor and now I'm having a vigorous challenge with my sickness and fitness journey cause just last week I was really excited to start my new program at the gym, yes, I signed up for the gym, and have crossfit classes. All of sudden, I got sick (internally). I was really depressed and frustrated, already getting my hopes up for a stronger and bigger new me, but sadly I was advised by the doctor which I'm not allowed to eat too much protein, soy, spinach, beans, nuts, and ack! the good stuff. So I'm fighting this problem; I want to kill whatever is wrong with my body and I'm going to become stronger with plan B, C, D, E and so on.

Soul to squeeze by RHCP

This look is basically 70's inspired, woodstock-goer with really messy hair lol. I'm trying to grow my hair long so excuse my unhealthy hair lol. I had to wear a bikini to match this super cute loose top, least when it falls I'm wearing something nice inside lol. I also think my levi's shorts are starting to look bigger on me, I gotta say I have limited highwaisted shorts that fit me well. Furthermore, I swapped my 80-200mm lens (in the meantime) with this 50mm sigma. I love the results especially when I use f/1.8.

Leather Hat - Australia
Top - Forever 21
Leather Belt - Thrift Shop
Shorts - Levi's. Thrift Shop
Leather Boots - Thrift Shop

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Funnel of Love

Last November 17, 2012

Funnel of Love is a song by Wanda Jackson.

This was my first time to try rockabilly, retro style. I also styled my hair assuming the 50's rocker look.
I think I did pretty well though as this was unplanned and just mix & matching fun.

Denim Vest - Forever 21
Dress - Thrift shop
Shoes - Forever 21



Such a fortunate day to bump into someone whom I really admire, Aidx Paredes (hey man! thanks for saying hi, I really appreciate it for I am as shy as a rabbit) and also special thanks to the owner of Hollywood Burgers for giving us a chance to snap a few photos inside. indeed such an awesome day it was!
I've been thinking a lot lately to have our next ultimate cheatmeal at Hollywood Burgers in MTS cause I think the burgers are mouth-watering, affordable and the place is so chic! so yeah! you guys should check out H.B. at MTS! I reckon it's quite alive at night since bars are lined up too.

The awesomeness ain't done yet cause finally my custom Iphone case arrived. The brand is from Taiwan and they have an official store there which you can view in their facebook account. Yes, they ship worldwide and it's been getting popular. Recently, I've been seeing bloggers posting their ANYSHAPES cases too. Famous Taiwanese stars also have their product, you might want to check their website for cooler custom designs. Mine's gold metallic with my nickname embossed on it; it's so cool, cute and the case feels lighter. I've always wanted a custom one, now I'm really really happy for having it personally and I can't wait to post my other looks with it. Thank you IDW, specially Julia Lin xoxo :)

ANYSHAPES facebook account:

ANYSHAPES official site:

About my look, I've been sporting good ole' 90's or I don't know but I matched my Iphone case with this velveteen / metallic-ish dress from forever 21. I love the 90's look and I also love just being myself choosing outfits. Oh yes, there are some people intimidated by me but there are also creative people who make my day!

So without further ado...

Sunnies - Mall
Dress - Forever 21
Bag -  Rilakkuma. Thrift Shop
Boots - Thrift Shop
Iphone5 casing - ANYSHAPES BY IDW

yeah sorry about this stupid pose tryna be angeline jolie lol