Friday, December 12, 2014

Qui vive thy heart

Be mindful of my innocent heart.

Like flowers, it withers,

Like it's whiteness, it can be stained.


I tried an innocent look here hence my hair was gladly cooperating. For this look, I found this cute dress at the thrift shop. Instantly came to my mind was cutesy floral girl ala Nancy Drew? or a little girl style. I don't really know what "label" this is but here are photos of my inspiration for this outfit. It looks like in the era of 1950's and my boyfriend wore page boy style. (via: tumblr Fashionsquid, Tokyo Fashion and Google)

Although I never copy the exact ensemble because I usually just mix & match my clothes. Also, these plastic flowers made it looked flattering, I think haha! Anyway, sometimes it's nice to strut an all-girl look, pairing my boyfriend's outfit of the day. We went with blue hues and beige/brown tones for a vintage accent. We didn't wear too much clothes though so to coincide with the city's humid weather.

and without further adieu...

Hat - What A Girl Wants
Spectacles - Ray-Ban
Dress - Thift Shop
Watch - Citizen Watch Company
Bag - I forgot the brand
Shoes - Thrift Shop

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Scorpio Kid

Sup guise.

Finally bought some new choker, this one I totally love, the scorpion. Yes I'm a scorpio, yes I believe in scorpio attitude and emotions lol. If you say I'm hot-tempered, well I am, and it gets really ugly. But since I'm used to my bad temper, I would eventually focus on being positive, I try though and it helps.

Today I'm going to talk about how I treasure things, specially if it's from someone special. These adidas shoes are a gift from my boyfriend and it has been with me since 2012. Still looks brand new eh? of course, I take good care of it even though I use it for running, training and hiking. I vigorously brush it to the bones. 

My boyfriend still doesn't have training shoes so I found these cool kicks for men on Zalora ph. If only I could get my hands on Mizuno for men, my boyfriend would also be grateful and we could focus more on training together with comfy sneakers. I think their shoes look really appropriate and awesome in fitness and travel activities. Mizuno is available at Zalora Philippines

I'll save up and buy this for my boyfriend, or maybe you could buy it for me? haha. Well, it doesn't sound like a surprise anymore but I know he would totally dig it. Check out their cool items by the way! cause you know, Christmas is approaching, and High quality affordable finds are worth it.

For my look...

Spectacles - Ray-Ban
Jacket - Vintage, got it from my Mom
Earrings - Bought in Japan
Necklace - Ordered from: Nemalyn Saw
Top - Forever 21
Skirt - Mall store
Tights - Forever 21
Shoes - Adidas
Bag - Mall store

My boyfriend btw ^_^

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

No Winter


How are you guys? Me, I'm not feeling great but anxious, waiting for a reply from a job I applied last week. Seriously though, I'm really frantic just thinking about it. I don't even know if the management's going to reply or not yet here I am crossing my fingers, praying that I get the spot.

Anyway, this look was so last month lol, and finally got the time to blog. I love everything about it and my make up as well. It was the usual grocery-time that day, people stare, people glare, same old same old, but I'm a happy person therefore I felt confident and awesome wearing this simple 90's style outfit. Perfect in the city's tropical weather with a simple tie-dye shirt from Siargao and diy cut-out shorts.

Obviously, there will never be winter, fall, spring, autumn and summer in the Philippines. There are only two seasons: dry and wet, the end.

so without further adieu...

Earrings - Bought in Japan
Shirt - Siargao
Leather Belt - Thrift shop
Shorts - DIY cut. Thrift shop
Bag - Rilakkuma. Thrift shop
Boots - Dr. Martens

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Shit Happens

Hey guise.

Yeah, shit happens, like what I did to my outfit. The skirt is DIY btw, sewn by me.

Inspired by harajuku style and 80's look. I tried to mix & match but it seems to look more like a girly disco girl haha! my socks are cute though. This look was worn 2 months ago, that's how long it took me to blog about it haha. Anyway, that time we went to the cinemas and watched Ruroni Kenshin part II... thus my "jpop" approach but failed. I guess its because I didn't wear make up; only a little blush, lipstick and eyebrow pencil. The thrill was I watched the movie and hell it was fucking awesome!

So for this look...

Top - Mall
Skirt - sewn DIY. Thrift shop
Bag - Thrift shop.
Socks - Daiso
Shoes - Thrift shop

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Minimal Black

Hey sup.

My look is inspired by minimal-chic with a little bit of edge. This look was taken 2 months ago. Yes, I am busy and have no idea what to blog anymore thus I try to blog at least, maybe once or twice a month. Currently doing a lot of requirement stuff for a career; playing games, and I don't know... guess what a broke ass unemployed human does lol. Although drinking liquor and smoking is not my thing.

I bought this shirt in Manila, and it's the only Zara shirt I have. Why? because when I travel, I don't usually go shopping to avoid spending travel money. But when I saw this shirt, I needed it cause its black and the fabric is soft. I know why I'm poor, poor meaning my life is not as exciting as before, and blogging about this is so boring. I am thinking of ways to improve my stories, yet for now, I have to accomplish one goal at a time and that is... finishing these requirements for employment abroad.

So without further adieu,

Sunnies - Vintage RayBan
Shirt - Zara
Pants - I forgot. Thirft Shop
Shoes - I forgot. Thrift Shop
Bag - Marc Jacobs

Second Photo Cat Watr u doin? cat, stahp!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Grass Roots

Hey guise.

Been awhile. One hell of a boring month for me, the life of an unemployed former student-teacher lol. But I'm enjoying the best of it.. like playing Sims 4, working out and searching for jobs abroad. Speaking of abroad, my boyfriend has applied for a visa to Japan. I'm really jealous but also happy for him since he will also be spending time with his Mother and sister in Kyoto.

Me, oh god! I don't know what's gonna happen, my future seems to be blurry. At first, after graduation it was merrymaking; the future was clear, I was ready for jobs, It was absolutely a good feeling but then in the latter part I was just too scared to face job interviews lol.

"Come what may" is now at present. Crossing my fingers to finish all requirements for a job I have always been dreaming of. Good luck!

For this look, this was actually taken last 9/13/2014. I've been ignoring blogging since I realized my life is now predictable, stagnant and broke (as in financially). What should I even blog, clothes is okay but what should I write. I don't have interesting shenanigans to attend to; just grocery shopping and watching cinemas. Shopping for clothes? all my clothes are old and I just mix & match em, some are new but haven't worn them since I bought because I lack traveling ugh money lol.

For as long as I'm good and alive, I know there will be a spark someday. I just have to work hard for it and that is my dream... One day, I'll be sharing it with you guise.

Hat - Australia
Glasses - Gaisano Mall
Dress - Forever 21
Earrings - Accessorize
Boots - Thrift Shop

And then my bf ^__^\/