Monday, October 13, 2014

Grass Roots

Hey guise.

Been awhile. One hell of a boring month for me, the life of an unemployed former student-teacher lol. But I'm enjoying the best of it.. like playing Sims 4, working out and searching for jobs abroad. Speaking of abroad, my boyfriend has applied for a visa to Japan. I'm really jealous but also happy for him since he will also be spending time with his Mother and sister in Kyoto.

Me, oh god! I don't know what's gonna happen, my future seems to be blurry. At first, after graduation it was merrymaking; the future was clear, I was ready for jobs, It was absolutely a good feeling but then in the latter part I was just too scared to face job interviews lol.

"Come what may" is now at present. Crossing my fingers to finish all requirements for a job I have always been dreaming of. Good luck!

For this look, this was actually taken last 9/13/2014. I've been ignoring blogging since I realized my life is now predictable, stagnant and broke (as in financially). What should I even blog, clothes is okay but what should I write. I don't have interesting shenanigans to attend to; just grocery shopping and watching cinemas. Shopping for clothes? all my clothes are old and I just mix & match em, some are new but haven't worn them since I bought because I lack traveling ugh money lol.

For as long as I'm good and alive, I know there will be a spark someday. I just have to work hard for it and that is my dream... One day, I'll be sharing it with you guise.

Hat - Australia
Glasses - Gaisano Mall
Dress - Forever 21
Earrings - Accessorize
Boots - Thrift Shop

And then my bf ^__^\/

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Iron Eagle

Hey guise.
Last week was a busy day; other than the busy schedule, I have been wearing workout clothes for the past few weeks because I just got in BarFreakZ Streetworkout Philippines -- it's a calisthenics group in my hometown. I think I have some upper body progress; really working out my arms... maybe in the newer posts, you will see the difference XD hahaha! and well, goodbye skinny arms lol. I'm not against slim and skinny girls though, I appreciate them/you.

Anyway, I have no time putting on make up a little while back, I think it's because I'm not going anywhere special nowadays boohoo :'( especially when I'm always training after or before going out of the house, doesn't suck but I miss sporting heavy make up lol

Welp, yada yada.

Top - Top Gun. Thrift
Watch - Citizen
Leather belt - Thrift
Pants - LEE. Thrift
Shoes - Thrift

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sucker Punch School

hey guise.
I suddenly became a highschool girl and it was raining.

Umbrella - Daiso. Abreeza Mall
Polo - Thrift Shop
Skirt - Thrift Shop
Shoes - Thrift Shop

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Soul to Squeeze

Hey guise! wow! I actually found time tonight for my blog update. Recently been busy visiting my doctor and now I'm having a vigorous challenge with my sickness and fitness journey cause just last week I was really excited to start my new program at the gym, yes, I signed up for the gym, and have crossfit classes. All of sudden, I got sick (internally). I was really depressed and frustrated, already getting my hopes up for a stronger and bigger new me, but sadly I was advised by the doctor which I'm not allowed to eat too much protein, soy, spinach, beans, nuts, and ack! the good stuff. So I'm fighting this problem; I want to kill whatever is wrong with my body and I'm going to become stronger with plan B, C, D, E and so on.

Soul to squeeze by RHCP

This look is basically 70's inspired, woodstock-goer with really messy hair lol. I'm trying to grow my hair long so excuse my unhealthy hair lol. I had to wear a bikini to match this super cute loose top, least when it falls I'm wearing something nice inside lol. I also think my levi's shorts are starting to look bigger on me, I gotta say I have limited highwaisted shorts that fit me well. Furthermore, I swapped my 80-200mm lens (in the meantime) with this 50mm sigma. I love the results especially when I use f/1.8.

Leather Hat - Australia
Top - Forever 21
Leather Belt - Thrift Shop
Shorts - Levi's. Thrift Shop
Leather Boots - Thrift Shop