Friday, February 17, 2017

I'm back in 2017

Hi guys! Good to be back blogging this look, some months eh? Right now I'm trying to squeeze in my time with blogging and especially work.

For those of you wondering what I'm currently up to, my fiance and I did a joint business with my family. Our products include durian shake, durian hopia, Philippine souvenirs like shirts, blouses, scarves and whatnot. I also need to doggo-sit my dogs lol and hit the gym. Basically covering and blogging my outfit is not a hobby anymore, I'm really busy.

However my fiance and I did a quick shoot; it was one sunny afternoon and the sunlight was perfect timing. I'm still hopeful though, I've got styles I want to share with you so don't worry, I will definitely never forget about blogging whatever I could think of.

Hey and I went traveling last year so you might wanna check some new posts about my Indonesia trip here:

Without further adieu...

Sunnies - John Paul Gaultier
Hoodie - Surplus
Dress - Forever21
Shoes - Adidas
Watch - G-shock

Wednesday, October 5, 2016



I just thought I was inspired by Kimi No Na Wa film and it brought warmth in my heart.

Every time I watch it again and again, it will always give me hope.

If there is something or someone you have been searching for, don't give up.

Because I am back at my feet somehow.

I am happy despite having a few health issues.

Mentally and emotionally stable and absolutely going great.

I will not be controlled by anyone, no one will ever play with my emotions.

Not you, not him and not a stranger.

It feels light.

Without further adieu...

Top - Thrift shop
Bag - H&M
Skirt - Forever21
Heels - Galstar. Japan

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tawny reservoir

In an abandoned house at the roof top,

the stagnant water but pure and crystal clear inside a tawny looking reservoir.

I reach for the coldness because it felt like it needed my warmth.

I slipped, fell in the enclosure; I was trap but plunged myself deep into the abyss.

I see no light however I sense it's poignant realm.

I could've emerged quickly as I can yet I was beginning to go numb and weak.

I know you needed my body, my touch, my hair and my crevices.

That's why I'm staying in the stillness of this dark place, atop your abandoned house,

where people pass by and look at it with discouragement.

But I didn't, because you are unique to me and I love the serenity

in a new world we created inside this rusty ole' reservoir.

Without further adieu...

Leather jacket - mickey mouse. Japan
Dress - Mango
Bag - Mango
Pumps - Galstar. Japan

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Green Wooden Horse

Hey guise.


As usual, I have been very busy.

Actually no, I was distracted. I was distracted by an entity, by someone whom I thought would become a green hue in my life; he would have been a champion, the winner, a conqueror of love (and lust); I fell into a swoon when he left, I fell deeply in love with such fixation. It was an odd relationship, it was terrible but it felt good.

Love is undeniably smooth, I could slide wherever it would take me without thinking of the latter. However it's rigid corners; a few rusts, brown and red stains like some silent hill hallway; corrosion and it scraped my skin. There, blood trickled and I tried to remain calm. I tried closing my eyes, I became weak but hopeful this would end.

You came back, I came back. It's a carousel I can ride for free. There are mirrors and I may see myself looking at your reflection. You're inside that mirror and I'm alone, seated on a green wooden horse galloping while I mutter words "please stay".

The end.

Without further adieu...

Cap - Nike
Lipstick - Kylie True Brown K
Top - Forever21
Jacket - Nike
Pants - Terranova
Bag - Mango

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

February Fever

Hi guise!

I'm so late, I know. I always say this, it feels like a decade I haven't been writing anything on my blog. I have been procrastinating, feeling lonely, I feel like I'm lost and I don't know what to do with my life anymore besides earning and shopping gloriously.

I bought a lot of clothes but I can't find the motivation to post any of them. It's like the end of the rope and I don't know, life became boring.

I wish I could find the motivation to write again, to read, to travel and maybe love truly...

I wish the old me...

Without further adieu... and this set was taken last February haha!

Sunnies - Jean Paul Gaultier
Blazer - Thrift shop
2 piece - Dresslink
Boots - Thrift shop