Friday, February 6, 2015

Tan in Black

Hello guise.

First of all, I love a little black dress. This fit pencil dress is my type because I don't have to wear a bra and still feels comfortable, but that depends of course I like it that way.

Black dresses are really flexible. I mean they can be formal, semi-formal, casual, sporty, you name it! I can style whatever I want to with the little black dress. It can also make us look sexier or... let's say, smaller than our usual size. Do you agree with me? I heard so much about black dresses that it will make a woman sexier and leaner.. because of it's dark tone. I don't know... however! I just love how dark colors hug my body... it brings out the curves and physique during daylight :D

Anyway, I styled my little black dress with white sneakers because I think it matches pretty good. Casual sporty style with a little elegance on the handbag side, minimal and alluring. Moreover, styling this sexy dress which I think definitely passes as travel outfit.. eh.. whatchu think? you can totally wear a bra or something comfortable despite being backless ^_^ oh welp!

Spectacles - Emoda. Japan
Dress - Forever 21
Bag - Mango
Shoes - Forever 21


  1. love your sneakers!

  2. Beautiful you!!!

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    Thanks!! :)