Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Black Stripes


It's a tough day when PMS starts lurking around my system. But despite the lacking of happy hormones, I'm very excited to start a new life this April as I will be leaving my hometown. I never wished to live away from a wonderful city but I want to work hard and prove to my parents that I can be independent and strong. I'm not going to miss my house though but I will miss my room! lol I will also miss my parents, the south, the beach, the good vibes, my friends, and the clean and affordable Davao City. A little anxious but hopeful.

For this outfit with my baby Spyder. I just mixed and matched a bodysuit and pants which luckily, I had a pair of socks that matches my top. It's a very breezy outfit. I also gave my pup a handkerchief that resembles my look. So happy that my hair is growing fast ^_^ can't wait to go back to blonde lol.

So without further adieu...

Sunnies - Jean Paul Gaultier
Bodysuit - Forever 21
Leather belt - Thrift shop
Pants - Forever 21
Socks - Terranova
Shoes - Thrift shop

boyfriend + photographer = thanks! :)

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