Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Minimal Black

Hey sup.

My look is inspired by minimal-chic with a little bit of edge. This look was taken 2 months ago. Yes, I am busy and have no idea what to blog anymore thus I try to blog at least, maybe once or twice a month. Currently doing a lot of requirement stuff for a career; playing games, and I don't know... guess what a broke ass unemployed human does lol. Although drinking liquor and smoking is not my thing.

I bought this shirt in Manila, and it's the only Zara shirt I have. Why? because when I travel, I don't usually go shopping to avoid spending travel money. But when I saw this shirt, I needed it cause its black and the fabric is soft. I know why I'm poor, poor meaning my life is not as exciting as before, and blogging about this is so boring. I am thinking of ways to improve my stories, yet for now, I have to accomplish one goal at a time and that is... finishing these requirements for employment abroad.

So without further adieu,

Sunnies - Vintage RayBan
Shirt - Zara
Pants - I forgot. Thirft Shop
Shoes - I forgot. Thrift Shop
Bag - Marc Jacobs

Second Photo Cat Watr u doin? cat, stahp!

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