Monday, October 13, 2014

Grass Roots

Hey guise.

Been awhile. One hell of a boring month for me, the life of an unemployed former student-teacher lol. But I'm enjoying the best of it.. like playing Sims 4, working out and searching for jobs abroad. Speaking of abroad, my boyfriend has applied for a visa to Japan. I'm really jealous but also happy for him since he will also be spending time with his Mother and sister in Kyoto.

Me, oh god! I don't know what's gonna happen, my future seems to be blurry. At first, after graduation it was merrymaking; the future was clear, I was ready for jobs, It was absolutely a good feeling but then in the latter part I was just too scared to face job interviews lol.

"Come what may" is now at present. Crossing my fingers to finish all requirements for a job I have always been dreaming of. Good luck!

For this look, this was actually taken last 9/13/2014. I've been ignoring blogging since I realized my life is now predictable, stagnant and broke (as in financially). What should I even blog, clothes is okay but what should I write. I don't have interesting shenanigans to attend to; just grocery shopping and watching cinemas. Shopping for clothes? all my clothes are old and I just mix & match em, some are new but haven't worn them since I bought because I lack traveling ugh money lol.

For as long as I'm good and alive, I know there will be a spark someday. I just have to work hard for it and that is my dream... One day, I'll be sharing it with you guise.

Hat - Australia
Glasses - Gaisano Mall
Dress - Forever 21
Earrings - Accessorize
Boots - Thrift Shop

And then my bf ^__^\/

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