Thursday, November 13, 2014

Shit Happens

Hey guise.

Yeah, shit happens, like what I did to my outfit. The skirt is DIY btw, sewn by me.

Inspired by harajuku style and 80's look. I tried to mix & match but it seems to look more like a girly disco girl haha! my socks are cute though. This look was worn 2 months ago, that's how long it took me to blog about it haha. Anyway, that time we went to the cinemas and watched Ruroni Kenshin part II... thus my "jpop" approach but failed. I guess its because I didn't wear make up; only a little blush, lipstick and eyebrow pencil. The thrill was I watched the movie and hell it was fucking awesome!

So for this look...

Top - Mall
Skirt - sewn DIY. Thrift shop
Bag - Thrift shop.
Socks - Daiso
Shoes - Thrift shop

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