Monday, November 26, 2012

Fire with Fire

Damn connection is really pissing me off! 2 days ago, I was going to post this on my blog but the connection failed and I've already started posting my look on LB. I slept, hahaha!

This is my second look post on FP666. I was inspired by 80's Hair Metal, always been a fan of hair metal heavy metal rocknroll GOOD MUSIC! I love what men wore that time and I just love men like them lol. Nowadays, this look has been the epitome of comedy :( Based on my experience, well, not just once but my everyday life here in Davao City, Philippines, worst things happen, example:

1. I like to dress up the 80's. Most of the peeps laugh at me.
2. Some kids or even adults sing something from Bon Jovi, Guns n Roses, etc. when me and Sheff passes by.
3. me and Sheff get all these staring, glancing, glaring, tilting, smirking every minute and maybe seconds.
4. me and Sheff are often misunderstood as rockstars (yet one of us ain't even popular lol)

Many things happen in one day just because we are only wearing OURSELVES.
Some people like to judge, so fast and easy like the way I'm blogging right now.
I'm also judging them... all I can think of is "ignorant people" and ignorance doesn't have a cure until everyone understands that people can also be unique, deviant, avant garde, rugged, cute, hipster, etc.

However, there are times that being the real US can have positive views from others.

1. When me and Sheff would tour around the Philippines, some people think we're foreigners and offer us discounts lol
2. Some people compliment us very nicely and they even give us gifts as remembrance :)
3. Some people think of us as inspirations and we also encourage them to be REAL, be whoever they wanna be.
4. Some people just like us for who we are and we thank you for that :)

I mean, simple as jeans and a hat... does it even pass the 80's look? For me it is but if I were at some other country where people are more stylish than me... then who am I? Indeed, I am just myself, not trying, just me.

My look Info:

Top Hat - Bought at Australia. From Sheff.
Sun Glasses - Vogue Italy. From Mom (one of her vintage sunglasses in the 90s)
Rosary - Forever 21
Spike Bracelet - Nccc Uyanguren
Cross Earrings - Forever 21
Denim Jacket - Made in Mexico. Thrifted.
Burn shirt - Bought at Jogja, Indonesia.
Pants - thrifted at Uyanguren
Boots - Sancho. Thrifted at Gempesaw, Uyanguren

Location at Gaisano Mall of Davao.


  1. Awww. I had fun reading this entry. I've been a fan of your looks since I saw your photo on facebook. I knew I just had to add you up! :) Haha. Well, maybe we have to suffer a bit if we want to stand out I guess. But, it's worth it if you ask me because there are people like me who love and adore you and your sense of style. Keep doing what you do! :)