Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Destruction: of denim shorts

By the way this blog looks a bit of no style.. it's kinda boring no? It's still under construction... I want it neat and antique looking lol please bear the excess photos on the post border lol

My new post yay! Finally the connection's back to normal therefore I post.
Okay, so last year or maybe... for past few years, I received this really badass Megadeth shirt. A co-worker of my boyfriend gave it to me, he said it didn't fit him coz the design was intended for girls. Before, it doesn't fit, seriously! it never did (because I was bigger and mmm.. well, fatter) and I really really want to fit in that awesome Megadeth shirt so I tried my hardest to lose weight.

and here I am :) It fits perfectly... unfortunately, my favorite destroyed shorts are getting a bit loose, unlike before it quite fitted my legs and hips. But I could still DIY destroyed shorties.
Diy.. my boyfriend used a piece of the broken bottle which IS SERIOUSLY NOT SAFE lol grinding it takes hours, i think it's kinda safer to use sandpaper (but i bet it would take more than the hours spent in glass) anyway, it's complicated without the pictures. Next denim I'm destroying I'll give you a photo documentation aswell as explanation :)

What I'm wearing:

Top - Megadeth, netted sleeves shirt (Given to me)
Denim Short - Gap, DIY destroyed denim
Boots - Forever 21
Legwear  - Sheer Black Stockings (Naturally Destroyed)

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