Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cry For Freedom

This would be my first fuckshion blog, after all I am not much of a blogger but I really like blogging my travels and food. 
So, as you can see I shredded my tie-dye shirt on purpose. The weather was always hot, always always hot. Rain and windy hmm sometimes. But that time was hot, good thing we were in a mountainous area where you can see more greens than yellows. We I was with my partner, sheff.
My hair is kinda fading to blue here. Every bit of shampoo I use, the color starts to fade lol but that doesn't concern me coz I was more concern of an itching head and dry hair hence Shampooing on a hot weather is a must.

The location of the shoot was at our vacay house, 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from our residential house.

I actually had a picture of our coconut tree but I didn't like my pose there. We do have our own coconut tree, and everytime we visited we always had fresh coconut juice and coconut meat. 

Here are the items i wore that time:

Hippie Head Band: Forever 21
Tie-dye shirt: Thrifted at Uyanguren, Davao City
Dream Catcher Necklace: Hand-made by Mrs. May Daffodil Palacios (was a giveaway from her wedding)
Skull Bracelets: Nccc Uyanguren, Davao City
Flare Pants: Thrifted by Sheff at Tarlac City
Shoes (clogs): Forever 21

I'll work on the photo size on my next blog it seems that if I blow em up, it's taking all of the spaces.
next time, it's High Res and prolly fit the whole image in the post box.

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