Tuesday, November 20, 2012

First Fatal Project Giveaway: Winner

Last October 30, 2012 The first giveaway of Fatal Project 666 was a success. Now, The page has 81 likes, for me it's a rad start since I don't blog that much.

The giveaway set was called "Ethnic Traveler".
The dress, belt and blazer-scarf was bought at Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The dress is 100% authentic hand-made batik from Indonesia and naturally dyed. The belt and scarf-blazer was bought as souvenirs. The shoes were thrifted at Uyanguren hence it is a rare find (Material Patent Leather). The bag, sunglasses and bangles weren't part of the giveaway, however... as a full set of freebies, the winner was happy and excited :)

The winner's screen name on Facebook is Fayeatiey El Maldita I guess I would call her an awesome FP666 Fan :)

I have so many ideas but so little time. I am really hoping and trying my hardest to make FP666 official :) I've got lots of style concepts in my mind that I wish to tailor someday (although I'm not really good in fashionanegans, illustrations and such) heck I wanna do it so c'mon let's do this hehe.


  1. kuyawa sa project nimo kitz uy! what's this? and why? ur giving away prizes for what? to start discussion..

    1. hahaha yawaa sa imong discussion lei uy... I'm starting a new fashion project man gud, wala lang to kill boredom lang. Giveaways pa daghan ug likes then mag sell kog preloved clothes para maka start ug vintage line (mura na xag own brand nako) kabalo man ko mu tahi gamay haha