Saturday, August 18, 2018




The weather today in Davao is that thing you call "bed weather" but no, I'm up and ready to do whatever because right now we're celebrating "Kadayawan", an annual festival in Davao City Philippines.

But it's not about that, this post is about my outfit. I'm wearing Copper on top; I think I'm loving Copper shop because they offer clothes that fit my age haha! I know I'm turning 30 years old this year but I'm also considering to be looking a little sophisticated and chic plus that retro vibe. I also like corporate attire nowadays, I don't know... It kinda feels like I'm a successful businesswoman even though I don't normally do office stuff. But that's the point- looking extra and secretly going to the path to success.

The title is in Kanji - Josei shain = female employee.

Without further adieu...

Top - Copper
Bottom - Forever21
Shoes - Thrift shop