Sunday, July 8, 2018

Dreamboat Annie

One of the inspirations of my recent style is the late 70's retro period, I think I fell inlove with how chic, cute and creative this era of fashion was.

I still do mix and match going for a contemporary look but I think retro has a more playful vibe and I like mixing patterns and colors. 

I'm kind of busy again, I'm usually on Instagram or facebook but not too "posty" anymore, just memes and other stuff. That's because I'm doing and studying something for my future. It's going to be big and I'm really excited about what's ahead of me, hopefully it'll all come true; and it'll be new content *fingers crossed*.

If you're wondering why I'm looking really big nowadays, I'm doing a lot of lifting; crossfit, bodyweight, and eating food whatever, however I like it, it's called happiness and freedom. :)

Without further adieu...

Top - Guess
Belt - Mango
Skirt - Forever21
Heels - Galstar. Japan