Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A little Harajuku inspiration

Hey sup!


Lately been busy again, working; tattoo artist finishing his work on me hence getting tattooed; preparing some things since I've already bought a ticket to get back home to my wonderful city.

This was a time I went back to Baguio City, just to take a little RnR before returning to the usual work. I had a pretty good time actually, the weather was really good, not so cold neither warm, it was definitely a great weather despite the humidity. We had met our friends Shelley and her boyfriend and we ate vegan food, aaah... that was the last time I had a clean meal so we actually had a good time chatting, discussing about the things we missed in Davao.

Davao is really the place for me. Later did I realize that Davao has given me a lot of hope, comfort and love from friends and family. I just want to come back to that life again, where it's easier to save money (which is fortunately true!) and I can also easily have food without stressing so much about it.

Okay, back to this look. It was a chilly afternoon in Baguio but the temperature is manageable, I mean you can see I wore a crop top and mini skirt. I wanted to mix & match again, inspired by Harajuku street fashion. Oh and I bought these converse kicks at the thrift store! I had barely given up on them as the seller was really grumpy bargaining lol although he gave up first and I bought them with a small discount. I think I am tan as usual too, my skin has always looked a bit lighter on photos but these pictures just screams the truth lol.

Without further adieu...

Top - Forever 21
Skirt - Thrift store
Bag - Thrift store
Shoes - Thrift store

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  1. You are just so pretty when you smile. I mean, even if you're not smiling, you are pretty too. LOL. I think those eye glasses are super pretty on you, cute, geeky chic at the same time! Brilliant post lovely! =) xo

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW