Sunday, March 8, 2015

I'm not special

Hi guise.

How are you readers doing? Apparently, I am doing great and really excited for April, I will venture the North... yes lol. For the first time my boyfriend dyed my hair Ombre. Actually, in one of my past hairstyles I also had ombre but usually accidental, like only the roots had washed up color which were bleached and the upper part had the permanent color. However, I and bf dyed it with care now haha! The dyeing process took us a lot of time because we precisely dyed it to look more gradient or else will look like someone just ironed (literally!) my hair and got burnt lol

Ombre looks nice with curls but here in this look I had no time in curling. No worries though, next time I'll post a tutorial on how to curl your hair in less than 10 or 15 minutes!

For this look, I wanted to look androgynous (hopefully I did lol) sporting a plaid polo and jeans. I've always liked androgyny because it accentuates strength and freedom. I also think plaid and jeans are an easy match up, it never goes out of style and comfortable to wear.

So without further adieu...

Hat -  Australia
Spectacles - Emoda
Polo - Forever 21 Men
Pants - Forever 21
Ankle Boots - Thrift shop