Friday, December 12, 2014

Qui vive thy heart

Be mindful of my innocent heart.

Like flowers, it withers,

Like it's whiteness, it can be stained.


I tried an innocent look here hence my hair was gladly cooperating. For this look, I found this cute dress at the thrift shop. Instantly came to my mind was cutesy floral girl ala Nancy Drew? or a little girl style. I don't really know what "label" this is but here are photos of my inspiration for this outfit. It looks like in the era of 1950's and my boyfriend wore page boy style. (via: tumblr Fashionsquid, Tokyo Fashion and Google)

Although I never copy the exact ensemble because I usually just mix & match my clothes. Also, these plastic flowers made it looked flattering, I think haha! Anyway, sometimes it's nice to strut an all-girl look, pairing my boyfriend's outfit of the day. We went with blue hues and beige/brown tones for a vintage accent. We didn't wear too much clothes though so to coincide with the city's humid weather.

and without further adieu...

Hat - What A Girl Wants
Spectacles - Ray-Ban
Dress - Thift Shop
Watch - Citizen Watch Company
Bag - I forgot the brand
Shoes - Thrift Shop

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