Wednesday, December 31, 2014

F*ck You 2014

My photographer is out of town so I was only using my phone.

Thank you 2014 for being such an awesome year! I finished my bachelor's degree, made new friends, went to see Extreme the band and met Nuno and Gary personally! I learned to surf, traveled, and road tripping from Davao to Siargao; I got drunk again, and never gave up working out, I'm still sane despite the healthy lifestyle and rare times I get to smoke cigarettes lol.

Some of the moments were fucked and aloof, but never a lifetime of regret. I cherish each and every step, I accept challenges and losses thus life is indeed fair; complicated but beautiful. Thank you.

Come at me 2015!

Top - Thrift shop
Belt - Thrift shop
Pants - Levi's. Thrift shop
Boots - Mango

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