Friday, August 1, 2014


Hey sup guise.
Damn, late post again. I was applying for a job this week and got an interview however I was so dumb to have applied without practicing upgraded Adobe Illustration & Indesign, although I got the chance to make 3 to 5 posters for sample, but I'm like "what the hell am I doing?" infront of the computer lol.

Fortunately, I made 3 posters with original vector designs and some pretty cool (for me) concepts. That is why I haven't updated my lookbook and blog yet because I'm trying to experience serious work here. I do miss blogging though.

So, as you can see I already dyed my hair brown, and starting to style my outfits with fun colorful looks (still trying) yet I hope I did a great job. I am happy to find a Rilakkuma bag for 100 php only at the thrift shop! it's so cute and just the right storage for mobile phone and wallet. Also, really dope tees bought at Siargao Island, they have awesome tie dyes. Souvenir shirt? style it to the bones! hah

Sunnies - Mall
Shirt - Siargao Island
Leggings - Romwe
Bag - Rilakkuma. Thrift Shop
Boots - Thrift Shop


  1. cool look!

  2. Perfect outfits !
    Saskia! xo