Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Beauty and the bliss


The title is misleading, sorry! hah!

Hmm... Today's post is all about what I have been doing recently; they're all fun and games, literally. Just bought a ps4 and I'm really loving this life, seriously! I have been a gamer since childhood and our first console was nintendo family computer. My dad is also an avid fan of video games thus we have the famicom (until now still works). Then we upgraded to SEGA and I remember my dad also bought a pair of gun controllers for virtua cop haha!

When ps1 was released, I wasn't allowed to have one until I finally begged my parents for my birthday, geez that was in the 90's not all parents were spoiling their kids (not as much as today's generation). So in my country back in the 90's, a typical recreational activity with kids was playing video games at a game rent shop lol. Yup! It's like an internet cafe but game consoles, commonly the playstation and all the CDs you can play for a hefty fee (pricey coz y'know "90's"). But since I had not been blessed by my parents' extra finances excluding my school allowance, I was able to save some money so I can play at the video game shop lol which was a kilometer away from our house. I was always with my cousin Blaise and a group of boys lol (Fun fact: I was bi-curious and a tomboy at that time).

Then when dad bought the ps1, it wasn't placed inside my room but rather in my parents'. Not complaining though because it's their money anyway. First game I played was FF9 and then 8, then 7 and my most favorite Suikoden II; the rest were a bunch of other games specially Legend of Mana, Chrono Cross and Rhapsody OMG! I was so obsessed with Rhapsody, love the music, art and characters. I was juggling school, piano and voice lessons (ugh!) and ballet classes (ack!), and this gaming. I only got interested in social media when I was in 4th year high school.

Later on, dad bought another console which was the ps2. I was so happy because I finally played ff10 and ff10-2 but never got to finish them because I wasn't allowed to play all the time, there was always a limit. After ps2, dad bought xbox 360, and I was already the adult as I am (maybe around the year 2014) but there weren't a lot of interesting games on xbox lol. I played Alice madness returns (fav by the way!) and Brutal Legend because MUSIC and mayhem! haha! Then ps3 came and I couldn't afford it nor did my dad wanted one.

Fast forward to the future, here I am playing the playstation 4, my own console bought by my own money in my room and no one will ever tell me to "GO TO SLEEP!" or "STOP PLAYING!" haaaahaha! I'm an adult after all :)

k. that's all.

Without further adieu...


  1. Nice flower dress is this that she had wear in

  2. Such lovely pictures, dear. You look stunning, as always:)