Sunday, August 21, 2016

Green Wooden Horse

Hey guise.


As usual, I have been very busy.

Actually no, I was distracted. I was distracted by an entity, by someone whom I thought would become a green hue in my life; he would have been a champion, the winner, a conqueror of love (and lust); I fell into a swoon when he left, I fell deeply in love with such fixation. It was an odd relationship, it was terrible but it felt good.

Love is undeniably smooth, I could slide wherever it would take me without thinking of the latter. However it's rigid corners; a few rusts, brown and red stains like some silent hill hallway; corrosion and it scraped my skin. There, blood trickled and I tried to remain calm. I tried closing my eyes, I became weak but hopeful this would end.

You came back, I came back. It's a carousel I can ride for free. There are mirrors and I may see myself looking at your reflection. You're inside that mirror and I'm alone, seated on a green wooden horse galloping while I mutter words "please stay".

The end.

Without further adieu...

Cap - Nike
Lipstick - Kylie True Brown K
Top - Forever21
Jacket - Nike
Pants - Terranova
Bag - Mango

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  1. Bomb styling, cool shoes on a high heel.
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