Thursday, March 10, 2016

Pearly whites

Hi guise.

Just want to share my beautiful pearl set given to me as a present from my former student. I don't know him personally because we only talk through skype (classes), so he doesn't know me as well. However, he gave me a gift for my birthday and I definitely told him not to give me something expensive. He insisted and sent the gifts from Japan to Philippines.

The set is originally made in Kobe, Japan; where the famous pearls are. They said, pearls from Japan are exquisite, the fact that Japanese pay more attention to detail. So, the pearls I got were perfectly formed circles that means these are ridiculously expensive. I'm still thankful though because I love the glow of pearls and they are so cute when worn lol.

I was a little anxious, the customs might... I don't know, steal them? in exchange with something shitty. I haven't appraised this set yet. If I find time for appraisal, I will know when the maggots did something bullshit. Nevertheless, I tried home experiments and they all seem to be authentic and fairly heavy compared to my fake pearls.

Without further adieu...

Pearl set - from Kobe, Japan
Top - Zalora
Skirt - Forever21
Bag - Mango
Shoes - Thrift store

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