Friday, April 24, 2015

Sweet Nothings


Hey guise. Currently residing here in the hot and doomed Luzon, just kidding of course. Truthfully though I am living away from my hometown. I won't tell yet but it's not in Mindanao.

Okay, since the scorching heat is intensifying here in the Phil. and I am in the verge of melting, unfortunately make-up; and a lot of skin rashes and mosquito bites. In the positive side, I got this awesome and easy-breezy dress from It's a great choice that I decided to get this dress because 1. it's totally cute, 2. the fabric is really thin (or soft) but it doesn't show my nippies, 3. summer heat didn't stop me from wearing it.

I also styled it with a few accessories and my really cool sunnies that I bought in the Mall. I was really excited to blog about this dress. I wanted to style dress with white sandals, sadly the item I ordered in Japan did not arrive yet. Nevertheless, this pair of Forever 21 flats made the look easy with just a hint of black which looked semi-formal to me. Right, so head on to and shop some really cool stuff and share your adorable looks as well.

Sunnies - Mall Store
Dress -
Flats - Forever 21


  1. flats from f21?! i need to go now!!!

  2. Hey you, with the lovely smile! The color of the dress looks so good on you, girlie! Those flats are super comfy looking, I keep looking at them, besides your smile, of course =D xo

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW