Sunday, February 22, 2015

Blue Witch

Hey guise! Sup.

I found this really vintage looking dress in a pop-up shop/booth at the Mindanao Expo, last year haha! I know. It took me another year to wear this and finally! this is it. I really liked this dress because first of all, pleated and embroidery, I like that. The design is also very 1930's which I admire it's feminiminiminity (fuck I really can't pronounce it properly IRL haha) Anyway, I don't really know if this dress is vintage, pre-loved, second hand or I don't know... but pretty sure it looks "old" hence a conventional me. It's comfortable by the way, the fabric is soft.

Let's see if my voodoo powers can make you comment lols.

Leather Hat - Australia
Spectacles - Emoda. Japan
Vintage Bag - from my Mom
Dress - Pop-up shop/booth. Mindanao Expo
Shoes - Thrift shop


  1. Fantastic Look !! Awesome !!! Beautiful photos !!

    From Poland With Love !!

  2. love the dress! ang ganda ng whole look ;) ♥