Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ecstasy Adventure Time!



Yes, totally rad Jake the Dog bodysuit -  to go high for! Currently digging the 90's summer look on a rainy afternoon here in my city. My look features a little bit of boheme with bling on my forehead and some cool sunnies called Bianca. I was also inspired with Harajuku fashion; as usual I am always motivated to style when I see updated looks from Harajuku in Japan.

Eyewear - Sunnies
Bodysuit - Online shop
Shorts - Guess. Thrift shop
Sandals - Forever 21

Look how kyot my baby boy is! <3


  1. cool - zapraszam do mnie

  2. I'm loving you're high-waisted shorts, they look fabulous! ...Those shorts are so cool and what a great combination with pretty much everything ! xx

    Jessica :O)