Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Iron Eagle

Hey guise.
Last week was a busy day; other than the busy schedule, I have been wearing workout clothes for the past few weeks because I just got in BarFreakZ Streetworkout Philippines -- it's a calisthenics group in my hometown. I think I have some upper body progress; really working out my arms... maybe in the newer posts, you will see the difference XD hahaha! and well, goodbye skinny arms lol. I'm not against slim and skinny girls though, I appreciate them/you.

Anyway, I have no time putting on make up a little while back, I think it's because I'm not going anywhere special nowadays boohoo :'( especially when I'm always training after or before going out of the house, doesn't suck but I miss sporting heavy make up lol

Welp, yada yada.

Top - Top Gun. Thrift
Watch - Citizen
Leather belt - Thrift
Pants - LEE. Thrift
Shoes - Thrift