Saturday, August 30, 2014

Soul to Squeeze

Hey guise! wow! I actually found time tonight for my blog update. Recently been busy visiting my doctor and now I'm having a vigorous challenge with my sickness and fitness journey cause just last week I was really excited to start my new program at the gym, yes, I signed up for the gym, and have crossfit classes. All of sudden, I got sick (internally). I was really depressed and frustrated, already getting my hopes up for a stronger and bigger new me, but sadly I was advised by the doctor which I'm not allowed to eat too much protein, soy, spinach, beans, nuts, and ack! the good stuff. So I'm fighting this problem; I want to kill whatever is wrong with my body and I'm going to become stronger with plan B, C, D, E and so on.

Soul to squeeze by RHCP

This look is basically 70's inspired, woodstock-goer with really messy hair lol. I'm trying to grow my hair long so excuse my unhealthy hair lol. I had to wear a bikini to match this super cute loose top, least when it falls I'm wearing something nice inside lol. I also think my levi's shorts are starting to look bigger on me, I gotta say I have limited highwaisted shorts that fit me well. Furthermore, I swapped my 80-200mm lens (in the meantime) with this 50mm sigma. I love the results especially when I use f/1.8.

Leather Hat - Australia
Top - Forever 21
Leather Belt - Thrift Shop
Shorts - Levi's. Thrift Shop
Leather Boots - Thrift Shop

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