Friday, June 27, 2014

Hole Hearted


guise, I just got back home from an awesome road trip and I haven't updated except for facebook and instagram. Anyway, are you familiar with the 90's film Poison Ivy? yes, of course. She is my inspiration in this particular red top, jeans and cowboy boots ensemble; although my hair's not majestically curly and long, I am only a fragment of her jeans lol Doesn't matter I wore boots, and damn these boots look fine!
also, I really love the song hole hearted by extreme. If you know nuno betterncourt... spazzz! lol I think the song's fit for my outfit haaaah.. least that's what i think.

rainy season here in the P.I. (philippines), I am excited to wear boots again, my summer vacay has ended and I am working on my next travel post which is very soonish.

so without further ado.

finally wore something red (sorry I thought red color doesn't suit me or whatever)

Hat - Australia
Top - Mango
Belt - Thrift shop
Pants - Forever 21
Boots - Thrift shop

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  1. You are soo pretty and have KILLER style!