Thursday, May 1, 2014

Half rugged


half rugged, look at my shorts! look at it. it's half torn and half neat

very well.

If you're wondering why I'm losing a lot of weight and preferably, not manipulating my body with the work of photoshop as in liquify. I did everything that I could to help restore my health. Yeap, I did exercises, ate mostly healthy food and cutting out junk but not exactly forbidding them forever. I sometimes have those days to stay sane in my life, I should eat whatever the hell I want, but I also like the healthy stuff. I guess its a matter of choosing whats best for you and whats best for your soul (like.. home made chocolate!)

welp! the summer vibe is still not over in my town, getting hotter and hotter everyday with even the harshest of things to happen in a third world country - the rotational power outages that lasts 4-6 hours a day, and intense heat due to.. dry season.

Still thankful though that I'm alive and well..

but fuck this life when power outages occur, it should be totally fine with us but the hot dry day or night is unbearable!

the end.

Sunnies - Forever 21
Top - Forever 21
Shorts - Levi's
Bag - Prada. Thrift
Boots - Thrift


  1. I love those shorts! You look cute!
    My blog moved, this is why you can´t find me on blogger-dashboard anymore.
    Would be nice if you would follow me on Bloglovin or so again.

    Lots of love from Berlin