Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Spiced Girl


I am sooo goddamn busy this month, I have an upcoming art exhibit this december and I'm cramming the fuck out 5 new paintings need to be ready.

Anyway, today's my rest day so I'm making most of my time watching tv, running, blogging, and of course finding inspiration via weheartit, yeap I have a weheartit account which has loads of foodporn, surfing, good vibes, beach, islands, fitness whatever, here:

It seems that I'll be rockin my schedule for the year end and 2014. Tons of ideas, plans, hopes and dreams, gotta get em' all! lol

I called this spiced girl because I definitely got my inspiration from Spice Girls.
I really really waaaant to have bigger boobs (there! I said it) but apparently I ain't got no dough.
I also want to eat donuts, pizza, croissant, chocolate cake, pork ribs, twix, creampuffs, burgers and fries everyday without getting fat period

the end.

My boyfriend took many shots that day! yay!

So lucky to have bought my Jack Skellington bag for only 250.00 php at the Thrift shop.
Y'know I've watched nightmare before christmas lotta times I lost count already.

Glasses - Jean Paul Gaultier
Polo - Thrift
Belt - Thrift
Skirt - Forever 21
Bag - Thrift
Shoes - Thrift

I am one thrifty muthafucka


  1. I really like the look!
    Happy I came across your blog, following you on Bloglovin :)
    Maybe you would like to follow me back?

    xo' M