Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shopping: Mati Haul

Location: Super Mall, Mati City

Look! look! I found these super affordable items at Mati's super mall aww man! I wish I bought the Hello Kitty comb but I was worried about the budget. meh... maybe next time.

Anyway! I was really surprised to see some rare beauty items at there store. It seems that most of them came from Japan. Good thing we stopped by at the mall. Mati is a hang loose city, when I say hang loose it's near the vacation spots and skim boarding haven.

I think there were only two dolly winks available, and I bought the other one.

Yay! I have mac japan brush, hello kitty blush-on, hello kitty brushes, dolly wink a15 5 pack and another mac brush.

I love the hello kitty shiz

False Lashes even though I rarely use them now. This dolly wink's original price is 500.00 php (in Japan), I guess it's really old, and nobody bought it so they're selling it for a hundred php (175.00)

Here are my mac brushes. I still need to buy more brushes :D bruuusheeesss!!!

welp! that was all. I bought them in total for 755.00 php, still kinda expensive because of the Hello Kitty brushes which was 300 php. Haven't tried them yet except for the mac big brush. Don't wanna use the HK brushes @__@ fawk!

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