Saturday, October 26, 2013

Spookbook I: Blood and Flesh

This was last year's Halloween shoot with my boyfriend Sheff de Leon.
I've always wanted to do a shoot as a monster, as someone really scary or rotting.

The concept was a southern couple having a good time at a party when suddenly a viral infection occurred spreading throughout the area, causing decomposition, mind control and paranoia in every living creature. The red alert was a havoc, humans who were immune to the virus were imprisoned in the walled city - trapped by wealthy leaders and abusive soldiers.

As days went by, the southern couple seek blood and flesh, hunting and stalking as if daylight becomes darkness. However, their hearts are beating. They spot abandoned malls and checking out big brands and luxurious things. They wait and sit at restaurants long forgotten like couples on date night. They hold their hands and talk like shit, when they stare at each others eyes all they think of is love - love till' the last kiss they could remember but eventually end up bumping their heads like brainless crackheads.

They will not be recognized anymore, the internet is gone now. They are just dead walkers waiting for the prey. Apart from the human world - the normal life, they've got each other and they know someday...
they'll kill someone who forgets to pull the trigger and eat his brains out.

I did the prosthetic make up, the fake blood and I dyed my hair blue that time.
We live in the southern part of Mindanao, usually it's hot and humid here.
I'm done with the concept Zombies. I'm still trying to think of a new halloween character for 2013.
I'm aiming for Dr. Hannibal Lecter but I'm also considering Jackyl & Hyde. Gotta buy some costumes before deciding I guess. I'm always like the halloweenie girl in town, I think it's because of my birth date and it totally resembles my persona lol welp!

Photography - Counselor Leah Moral
Post Editing - Me (Clair de Lune)
Prosthetic Make Up - Me (Clair de Lune)
Top - Forever 21
Shorts - Vintage Levi's. Thrift
Shoes - Forever 21

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  1. OMG! U look super scary here!!
    Happy Halloween in Advance!