Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Black Night

Hey guise.
This is before me and my boyfran went to have dinner at French Baker which I made a foodblog about the restaurant's friendly aura and good food - Must be a Parisian experience

This is a night shot of my look that day because the sched went crazeshit, the sun doesn't shine during ber months, at exactly 3 in the afternoon is like 5 p.m. 

Anyway, the shirt I'm wearing was given from a relative of my boyfran who works in Australia and is a good friend of the band Internal Nightmare.

I'm styling dark and simple with a couple of jewelry and my eyeglasses (and I couldn't live without them ever since I had freakin' astigmatism). I love this romwe leggings, although I find it sad to have been born with short legs and I had to adjust and stretch just to fit at my taste/or how women would fit on it, hmmm but I'm happy to have it :) lol

Last October-December the weather wasn't cooperating well. It was hot as fuck! and that time I couldn't even wear jackets, not even blazers. This month has been great, the weather is good and I'm really excited to post my sweater/leather jacket outfit lol

Hey please check out the band Internal Nightmare. Link is in the outfit details. MERCI!


Glasses - Ray-Ban. Eye clinic
Leather Jacket - Thrifted
Sleeveless Shirt - From Internal Nightmare
Bottom - Romwe
Boots - Thrifted

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