Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Psycho Love

Hey guise.
This is my last photo sesh with my long hair.
I've said goodbyes to em' dead ones.
Now I have short black hair.

Time to bring back a healthy mane  lol cause I miss my 4th grade strands where I was so into the 90's and usually wore kicker's boots and black plastic choker with long dark brown hair (2 inches below my butt).

So yeah, I'm planning to never have a haircut until it reaches my butt hah! 10 years maybe? so be it haha

Anyway, please check this band out. I love Kapatid's psycho love. I've met the late Karl Roy (vocalist) twice and we chatted once, he was nice and cool! I miss him so much, miss his live performance :')
Kapatid is a popular band here in the Philippines, local music that is <3 and one of my favorite local bands in phi.

so yeah shekitawt!

Glasses - Vogue Italy
Polo - Thrifted
Shorts - Vintage Levi's Thrifted
Boots - Thrifted
Bag - Vintage from my Mom

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