Sunday, May 5, 2013

Raining Blood For Jeff

RIP Jeff Hanneman

It's a terrible loss now that one of Slayer's original members has said his goodbyes.
We are still raising our horns for a great musician!
Slayer is one of the bands I've been listening to since teen years..
and I was hoping, someday they'll play here in the Philippines.
I hope they would but it wouldn't be the same, I guess. :/

Woe is metal.
I shall scream to the top of my lungs how grateful I am to have
Slayer part in my life! \m/

Outerwear - Acid Wash Denim Jacket. Thrifted
Top - Slayer South of Heaven
Pants - Acid Wash. Thrifted
Boots - Black Leather Biker Boots. Thrifted

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