Thursday, March 14, 2013

Make Up: Dark Cherry

Hey guise,

This is my first make up tutorial. So I'm not going to promise that it's gonna be 100% detailed.
I was inspired by Cornelia's way of doing her make up (
Although, I am not as white as her.
I tried to apply it with lesser red shade and more black and pastel pink.

I've been doing gyaru style make ups for almost a year now but I haven't started blogging about it.
Alas! here is my first ever make up tutorial. I hope it will be of help(*´▽`*) lol

For Instructional Purpose.

1.) Apply your desired foundation/BB cream. 
2.) Next, apply your desired press powder. Make sure it matches
your skintone.
3.) Apply Light Nude Shade on your brow bone, inner corner of eye, inner lid, middle lid, outer lower lash to inner lower lash.
4.) Apply light/dark brown on all Outer V to all creases.
5.) Apply scarlet red/red on the lower lashline until cheeks. Make sure it is applied like gradient. From dark (lashline) to light (cheeks).
6.) Apply Glittery White on inner corner of eye, browbone, inner lid and inner lower lashline.

7.) Next, Apply Black shade starting from Outer V, Outer Lid to Middle Lid like 
Gradient from dark (outer v) to light (middle lid).
8.) apply it also on outer lower lash line (dark) to inner lower lash line (light).

9.) Next is to apply Liquid Eyeliner to the upper lash line until corner of eye (make sure it is not too thick).
then, apply also to Outer Lower lash line (with thicker black shade) until inner corner of eye. (with lesser black line).
10.) Curl upper lashes and apply mascara.

11.) Contour the nose with dark brown on the sides and
light beige on the middle. (depends on your skintone).
12.) Apply light beige on the sides of lips, upper line of lips and lower line of the lips.
13.) Tap Gently scarlet red/dark red/tint red on your lips in no specific order and
tightly close your lips (fuck i donno how to explain it lol).
14.) Tap gently peach pink lip gloss/lip stick on your lips with your desired
full lips detail and close your lips again (yes, whut? lol).
15.) I did my eyebrows with Palty eyebrow mascara (beige/honey).
16.) Put on fake lashes to upper and lower lash lines.
17.) and lastly, put on mascara on the lower lashes.


I wore a blonde wig and loli dress ^^
Also, next make up tutorial I will make sure it consists more of pictures than words T__T
It seems words are so confusing. Images are better heh!


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