Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wasted Generation

UGH! christmas, holidays... but I've been busy with work because I needed to earn money.
However! it was quite great that I spent half of it shopping haha! and another half.... for travel.
I'll be off for a week... and I'm stoked to travel again, and take pictures :)

Wasted Generation is my favorite song of steel dragon, which is also one of my fav movies Rockstar.
I'm trying to mix up my clothes right now... Grunge, 80s, long hair, metal... whatever and I get to ransack my guy's closet hahaha!

Top - Checkered Polo from boyfriend
Accessories - Forever 21 and from boyfriend lol
Pants - Harley Davidson. ransack from boyfriend haha
Cowboy boots - Sancho. mine :) treasuring for years now

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