Thursday, December 13, 2012

Far Away

Been awhile. Before the holidays, the week seems to be pretty busy for me. I had some client photoshoots and post-editing.

As you can see, at my back is a zebra car. It's our van named junkie. Why junkie? because usually, it gets broken. It's a second hand manual car, just the usual non-airconditioned mini van but of course the advantages of having a mini van (that isn't gas greedy) is good to go, spending less on gas and well at least it can run. (although, when the weather's hot... expect sweat).

Anyway, it was a good windy day after all. We also had a nice lunch at Zabadani our favorite middle eastern restaurant here in Davao :) then watched Silent Hill revelations after.

Silent Hill revelations wasn't that scary. I mean I played Silent Hill 3 game... That was freaking scary as shit!
The ending was cool! The Prison Bus showed up, which will be the next story (i wish i wish!). But the real deal is that the prison bus scene was from the game Silent Hill downpour (boy oh boy! if they make the movie then I'm so ready for a trilogy!)


Blazer - Vintage style floral blouse
Top - Black Shirt
Shorts - GAP
Boots - Western Boots (thrifted)

I prefer something like this:

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